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Adoption Tax Credit: Disrupted Adoption

By now, many of you may have learned that a successful placement and adoption of a minor, with the exception of step-parent adoptions, makes you eligible for a 14,000 federal (and in some states, some level of state) income adoption tax credit (in addition to any gross income deductions allowed). A credit reduces the amount of the tax; a deduction reduces the amount of income the tax will be based. What If Our Placement Wasn't Successful? But what if the placement is disrupted? As emotionally devastating as a disruption is, are prospective adoptive couples still eligible for such tax savings? [...]

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Birth Parent Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are right around the corner and with that means holiday gift giving. Adoptive parents, you are not obligated to get your child’s birth parents a Christmas gift. BUT (yes, there is a but.) Why wouldn't you at least sign your name to a simple card, just to let them know they're thought of?  As a birth mother, I frequently get asked by adoptive parents what they should get their child’s birth mother for Christmas.  And as much as we all love Christmas cookies, I don’t have a cookie cutter answer to that question. There are so many [...]

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Benefits of Hiring A Probate Attorney to Write Your Testament

A list of many things to consider when drafting a client’s testament (and which the client may not do well, or know about, on their own): Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin 1. CLIENT WISHES ARE CLEAR It’s very important that what the Client wants to happen after death is clear and unambiguous. Attorneys are skilled at using precise words. Estate planning attorneys have experience of recognizing certain defects and traps to avoid. At OPL, we use our experience and research to use precise words, words with plain meanings and simple sentence structures, to ensure the donations [...]

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