OPL, along with the Baton Rouge Bar Association and several local law firms, helped bring
Halloween to the Children’s Hospital Outpatient Center.
The Trunk or Treat event was hosted
by the Baton Rouge Bar Association and took place on October 28, 2018 at the Children’s
Hospital Outpatient Center in Baton Rouge. Volunteers from the various law firms and the
Baton Rouge Bar Association competed for the most impressive trunk while they passed out
treats to the young patients, their families and friends.

This year, OPL’s theme was Mad Science. Nelda, Rebecca, Nicole and Lesia dressed up as Mad
Scientists and Todd made his grand appearance as Frankenstein. We had an awesome set up
for the kids to come and squish around with a Jell-O brain, slime, worms (aka spaghetti
noodles), sticky rats and slimy eyeballs. Nicole also performed some exciting science
experiments while the children watched. To keep the kids entertained we had ring toss and a
tic tac toe game of bats v. rats. All of the children really enjoyed the event and OPL, of course,
had a blast planning and decorating for the event – but especially playing with all the kids! Judge
Judy Moore Vendetto walked around and judged all of the trunks, at the end of the event she
announced that OPL won first place for best decorated trunk! YAY!!! This was such an exciting
event, we look forward to participating next year!